America’s Music City

Nashville Tennessee has long been known as the “Songwriting Capital of the World,” with writers from all over coming to learn and to share. During the 1800s it became a national center for music publishing. During the 1900s Nashville became famous for country music radio and performing, and got its nickname “Music City.”
Downtown Nashville is actually quite small. Most of the entertainment on Broadway, the main street, is in 6 blocks.

Many buildings have separate bars and performance stages on different floors and on the roofs.
Pedal Tavern This “Pedal Tavern” powered by 12 beer-drinking customers travels up and down Broadway.
Starting in the late 1800s, the term “Honky Tonk” originally described cheap American bars with loud and mostly poor quality live music. Today, that’s what Nashville calls its many casual bars that play live music and serve drinks. All over Nashville you can hear pop, rock, bluegrass, Americana, jazz, classical, contemporary Christian, blues, and soul music.
Typical Honky Tonk performers ...
… and a typical Honky Tonk crowd.
Rooftop bar The open-air rooftop bar at the Acme Feed & Seed multi-level restaurant overlooks Broadway and the Cumberland River that runs through Nashville, and has its own small stage.
The Grand Ole Opry is the longest-running radio broadcast in U.S. history, operating on Nashville radio station WSM since 1925 and honoring country music and its history.
Grand Ole Opry Attending one of the live 2-hour radio performances of the Grand Ole Opry is a highlight of visiting Nashville.
Highway 101 Many popular old country music performers live around Nashville, so there were performances on several nights at the condo facility where we stayed.

This is the country music group Highway 101, which had big hits in the 1980s and ‘90s.
The GooGoo Cluster is a round chocolate candy bar created in Nashville in 1912, filled with marshmallow, caramel, and nuts. It was the country’s first combination candy bar; before that candy bars were all chocolate.
GooGoo shop Many Nashville visitors want to buy the famous GooGoo candy, and visiting the GooGoo shop is popular.
Nashville is part of the American south, which means that BBQ meats and fried foods (mostly chicken) are everywhere. We enjoyed BBQ beef ribs and pork ribs, but those eventually got boring for me so I wanted to try different things.
Fried Aligator We enjoyed this fried alligator meat, which is also popular in the south.

Much of the meat served in restaurants comes from alligator farms.
Shrimp and grits My favorite southern food is actually shrimp and grits (coarse corn meal), which I tried quite a few times during our one-week visit.

This was my favorite shrimp and grits meal, with a side dish of macaroni and cheese.