"Music City" Downtown

Nashville is “Music City, USA.”  Everything around here is about music, and especially country music.
Downtown Nashville Tennessee
The Nashville area has many theatres and stages where professional country music performers entertain most nights. It seems as though every singer, guitarist, drummer, fiddle player, and bass player appearing at these places has years of experience touring all over the world with famous performers. We went to one of these performances every night of the week.
A Nashville downtown bar
Downtown entertainment
Every third or fourth building in the main downtown area is a bar with an open door and music pouring out into the street. The music starts in the early afternoon and continues until late at night every day. Inside, a group hoping to be discovered performs on a small stage for free, just for tips. In many places you can walk in and listen with no obligation to buy anything.
Entertainment in another downtown bar
More free downtown entertainment
The Wildhorse Saloon has one of the most famous professional stages, but we like the statues of horses and other animals all around the building. We’ve had a picture on our refrigerator of Jack at the bar with a horse since we first visited Nashville 14 years earlier, so we had to go there again this week to take new pictures.
At the Wildhorse Saloon with friends