Lynchburg and Jack Daniels

Lynchburg is a charming small town with one traffic signal and a population of 6000 in rural southern Tennessee, 90 minutes from Nashville. There is an elegant red brick courthouse in the central square.
Lynchburg Tennesssee
The Lynchburg county courthouse
You can visit a fascinating tiny building that was both the county jail and the house where the sheriff lived with his wife and children. It was used like that as a jail until 1990, and now it’s a museum where a retired sheriff gives tours.
The old Lynchburg county jail and sheriff's house
Most people go to Lynchburg only to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery, which has been making Tennessee whiskey there since 1875. Everything in the town seems to be about “Jack,” which I thought was nice. It’s supposedly the world’s best-selling whiskey.
The "Jack" in Jack Daniels whiskey
The one hour free tour was really exciting and adventurous – certainly the best tour of anything we have ever taken. Unfortunately, the distillery is in a “dry” county, meaning they can’t serve or sell alcohol anywhere. But the tour guide kept showing us how to get little smells and tastes of the whiskey as we walked through all the buildings.
The Jack Daniels distillery
For example, a key feature of their whiskey is filtering through a huge stack of charcoal made from the wood of Tennessee sugar maple trees. To help the wood burn and make charcoal, they spray the wood with 140 proof (70% alcohol) raw whiskey. During that part of the tour, the guide sprayed the same raw whiskey on our hands so we could smell it (and taste it, but we wished we had washed our hands first!)
Distillery charcoal for filtering whiskey
Lynchburg in 1897