The Central Tennessee Countryside

The entire central Tennessee area near Nashville is pleasant and charming, so just driving around there is nice. After living in California, where houses are mostly modern and have no property, homes like this one in Nashville with expansive lawns and porches with rocking chairs are really appealing.
Nashville area architecture
Tennessee countryside
Bell Buckle and Leiper’s Fork are tiny one-street towns that have a lot of character, as you can imagine from their pictures. Leiper’s Fork is a Registered National Historic District.
Belt Buckle Tennessee
Leiper’s Fork Tennessee
Brentwood is the ‘Beverly Hills’ of this area, with truly enormous houses on vast property, for residents who are clearly very wealthy. Many movie stars’ homes are in Brentwood. This Brentwood picture is a house, not a hotel. The town of Columbia, incorporated in 1817, is a popular destination for people wanting to see historic homes such as this one.
A typical individual house in Brentwood
A historic home in Columbia
And it was nice to see churches everywhere – new and old, big and small – but mostly small and plain. This church was a typical one.
A typical Tennessee church