Charleston Traditions

Charleston (South Carolina) is a major tourist destination and one of most people’s favorite U.S. cities. We’ve been here often, and we always enjoy it. It’s full of elegant southern charm and lots of history: the U.S. Civil War began here, and it’s the site of a major battle during the British Revolutionary War.

Tradition and historical preservation are the major focus here. No other city in the world except Rome is better preserved than Charleston. Elegant restaurants serve traditional southern foods such as she-crab soup and shrimp & grits. There are many examples of traditional African basket making.
A Charleston shopping area
Making traditional sweetgrass baskets
Many beautiful restored houses remain from the late 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s; and much of the sightseeing in Charleston is about the architecture of its historic homes. The unique Charleston “single house” is exactly one room wide, with a long porch (called a “piazza” here) along the entire side. These houses were always oriented so the breezes from the nearby bay would pass through the house from front to back and cool it.
A traditional Charleston "single house"
A unique three-story single house
Unique Charleston architecture
And you haven’t really seen Charleston unless you’ve taken a traditional horse-drawn carriage tour through its old neighborhoods.
Traditional horse-drawn carriage tours
Trees in Charleston