Unique Charleston Architecture

This distinctive residential style, known as the "single house", is apparently found in few places in the U.S. other than Charleston and New Orleans. It is traditionally one room wide and several rooms deep, supposedly because taxes long ago were based on the linear street space occupied. Its gabled end faces the street; the front door and porch -- here called a piazza -- is on the side, oriented to enjoy cooling breezes from the rivers surrounding the city.

Since we were already in Atlanta, we couldn't resist another visit to Charleston. This is a city of great charm and elegance, delightful and caring people, fascinating architecture, and huge historical significance.


has become too popular, however. The simplest motels in the historic area are asking high rates and three-night minimum stays. After much effort we found a B&B for a lot less that we enjoyed, but rates for all lodgings are going up.