The Hog Wild Festival

What do southern belles and a SpamMobile have to do with each other? We didn't know either. At the Greater Gulf States BBQ Championship and Hog Wild Festival that was taking place on the weekend we were in Mobile, Alabama, we were amused to see these two sights as we entered the fairgrounds.

Of course we had heard about "southern belles", but who has ever seen one? These engaging young girls were ambassadors for the festival, and we think this was our first southern belle sighting.

The SpamMobile is an ambassador for Hormel Foods, put into service in 2001 to prepare and serve free SpamBurgers. "Spam" is a word we hear frequently in connection with Internet grief. The southeast is Spam's biggest domestic market, so for many people in the Gulf States area "Spam" probably brings to mind this spiced ham concoction introduced in 1937. Motivated to try SpamBurgers by the enthusiasm of the SpamMobile staff, we found out that they tasted better than we expected. But we couldn't imagine southern belles eating SpamBurgers.