Palm Springs Area Sightseeing and Restaurants

-- Palm Springs Desert Area map (pdf, jpg)

Palm Springs Activities
■ The city's free Trolley Service makes it easy to get around and see things you might otherwise miss
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■ Many of Palm Spring's hotels are unique, and we enjoy visiting them just for sightseeing inside the hotels. The area is famous for its "Mid-Century Modern Architecture" based on a unique design style from the middle of the 20th Century now called Desert Modernism.
■ The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a popular activity. You will rise 8500 feet (2500 m) above the desert floor to near the top of the mountains behind Palm Springs. At the top you can take a short walk or hike, and you may want to take a picnic with you.
-- GPS address: 1 Tram Way, Palm Springs
■ The Palm Springs Historical Society offers Palm Springs walking tours and has several historic buildings. Past exhibits included Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs, Palm Spring Road Races, Fabulous Homes in the Coachella Valley, and Toys and Objects from Palm Springs' First Settlers.
-- GPS address: 221 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

Palm Springs Restaurants
Happy Hours are important events in this area, and this day-by-day Happy Hour Guide is really helpful.
Trio Restaurant is our favorite, and one of Palm Spring's most popular restaurants with one of the top ratings for Happy Hours.
-- GPS address: 707 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs
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Lulu California Bistro is also very popular and fun. Their  "3-Course Feast" is available after 11 am everyday $19.99 (Early Bird Special: 3pm – 5pm everyday $16.99). Their Happy Hour takes place every day from 11am until closing.
-- GPS address: 200 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

Palm Desert, La Quinta, and Other Desert Towns
■ Note that this entire area is all desert. The many flowers you see are because the towns and hotels planted them there, and use lots of water to keep them alive!
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■ Route 111 is an interesting drive. It goes along the bottom of the mountains, passing through all the major desert towns from Palm Springs to Indio.
■ If we don't stay in downtown Palm Springs, we enjoy staying in the small town of La Quinta because of its beautiful setting at the foot of the mountains.
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■ Everyone who visits the desert area should learn about dates. We think visiting Shield’s Date Garden in Indio is a highlight that is not to be missed. You must try their popular date milkshake, and see their free 15-minute film "Romance and Sex Life of the Date" showing how dates are grown and picked. Many kinds of dates and date products are available for free tastings. In back, you can see date trees growing.
-- GPS address: 80225 CA-111, Indio
-- Story/picture: ../../desert/sunrise/index.htm

Joshua Tree National Park is important because of its natural beauty, its popularity for rock climbing, and the opporunity to learn about Joshua Trees. There is a north entrance off Highway 62 in Yucca Valley, and a south entrance 25 miles east of Indio off Insterstate 10.
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Visiting Pioneertown is a great way to enjoy the feeling of 1940s and ‘50s cowboy movies and television shows about the American west. It's about 40 minutes north of Palm Springs, off Highway 62 near Yucca Valley.
-- GPS address: 5040 Curtis Road, Pioneertown, CA (or Pioneertown Road, Yucca Valley, CA)
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The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a popular zoo and botanic garden dedicated to the world's deserts, focused on preserving and interpreting the desert and its varied plant and animal life.
-- GPS address: 47900 Portola Avenue,  Palm Desert
Many times we have enjoyed visiting the College Of The Desert Street Fair in Palm Desert -- open every Saturday and Sunday.
-- College GPS address: 43500 Monterey Avenue, Palm Desert
-- Street Fair location at the northwest corner of the College: Magnesia Falls Drive at Monterey Avenue, Palm Desert