San Diego Sightseeing and Restaurants

Point Loma Area

This is our favorite part of San Diego.
-- Point Loma Area map (pdf, jpg)
Cabrillo National Monument (GPS address: Humphreys Road, San Diego) is especially nice because the views of San Diego and San Diego Bay from here are spectacular and there are pleasant walking paths. This was the first place where the Spanish arrived on the U.S. West Coast, sailing from Mexico in 1542. There is a great lighthouse here where you can go inside, climb to the top, and see interesting exhibits about how a family lived inside the lighthouse and took care of the light at night. Next to the lighthouse, there is an interesting exhibit about how the light in a lighthouse works.
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■ Just north of Point Loma is the dramatic Sunset Cliffs Natural Park (GPS Address: 733 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard), and just north of that is San Diego's unique and amusing Dog Beach.
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■ Two of San Diego's nicest casual seafood restaurants are on the Bay very near Point Loma: Mitch's Seafood (GPS address: 1403 Scott St, San Diego) and Point Loma Seafood (GPS address: 2805 Emerson Street) which is just one block away.
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■ Near Point Loma, we always stop and enjoy the view at Spanish Landing Park (GPS address: 3900 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego), just across the highway from the San Diego Airport.
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■ San Diego and Yokohama (Japan) are "sister cities," and there is a “Friendship Bell” from Japan about this relationship on the tip of Shelter Island (GPS address: 1401 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego)

Gaslamp Area
You might enjoy walking around this popular area at night, when people are enjoying the restaurants and bars (GPS address for the middle of the Gaslamp Area:  705 5th Avenue, San Diego).
-- Gaslamp Area map (pdf, jpg)
At the bottom of the Gaslamp Area map, you can see Seaport Village. This is a shopping area some people enjoy that is not far from the Broadway Pier where you can get the ferry to Coronado Island. (GPS address for Seaport Village:  600 Pacific Highway, San Diego)

Coronado Island
People often vist Coronado Island to see the famous Hotel del Coronado, and because the beaches are very pretty. You can easily drive over a dramatic bridge (Route 75) to Coronado Island from San Diego.
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-- Coronado Island map (pdf, jpg)
If you want a little extra adventure, you can take the ferry to Coronado Island across San Diego Bay from the mainland – the ferry ride is probably only 10 or 15 minutes (GPS address for Broadway Pier where the ferry leaves to go to Coronado Island: 1001 North Harbor Drive, San Diego).
You can walk around the shopping area and restaurants at the ferry landing on Coronado Island (GPS address: 1200 1st Street, San Diego).
■ The famous Hotel del Coronado is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the ferry landing so it’s probably best to drive over the bridge to the Hotel, though the hotel parking is expensive (GPS address for Hotel del Coronado:  1500 Orange Avenue, San Diego). The hotel is old and elegant inside.

Hillcrest Farmer's Market
The Sunday 9 am-2 pm farmer’s market in the Hillcrest neighborhood is probably the most wonderful outdoor market we’ve ever seen.
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