La Jolla Area Sightseeing and Restaurants

-- La Jolla area map (pdf, jpg)

Torey Pines Gliderport
This is where you can see Paragliding or Hang Gliding – people jumping off a cliff by the ocean and flying into the wind. It’s very close to La Jolla and easy to drive to. It’s only a few minutes driving time north of La Jolla.
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-- Address for GPS: 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive,  La Jolla (San Diego)
When the wind is good here, it’s really exciting to watch all the activities. However, if the wind isn’t blowing correctly, it’s very boring because nothing is happening. So: stop here first if you are on your way to La Jolla. Then if the wind isn’t good, you can stop again on the way back after you leave La Jolla.

La Jolla Village and Scripps Park

La Jolla is not far from the 5 freeway, and is really nice for walking around. La Jolla Village has interesting shops and hotels, and the nearby coast is great. It’s one of the nicest areas in Southern California.
-- Address for GPS: 1155 Coast Boulevard, La Jolla (San Diego)
The village is on a small hill. Scripps Park is at the bottom of the hill below the village, along the coast. It’s wonderful to walk all through Scripps Park, where you can see seals in the water and enjoy beautiful views of the coast. It’s usually not possible to park at Scripps Park, so people usually park in La Jolla Village and walk the short distance down the hill to Scripps Park.
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George’s Restaurant in La Jolla Village is great, with a spectacular view of the ocean from their outdoor rooftop restaurant and really good food that is not too expensive for lunch. George’s is our favorite restaurant for lunch in the San Diego area.
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-- Address for GPS: 1250 Prospect Street, La Jolla (San Diego)
The outdoor rooftop seating area will probably be too crowded during lunch unless you go very late (or early). There are many other restaurants and fast food places in La Jolla Village and the village is quite small, so you can just walk around and find other places to eat.

Mount Soledad Park

Mount Soledad is very close to La Jolla Village, and it’s easy to drive to Mount Soledad Park at the top of the mountain (elevation: 825 feet/250 m). From the Park there is a great view over the ocean and over much of San Diego County.
-- Address for GPS: Soledad Park Road, San Diego
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