Enjoying San Diego's Neighborhoods

Everyone knows San Diego’s main tourist attractions, but I expect you never thought about taking a 2-day vacation and staying overnight to explore and enjoy some of the neighborhoods. San Diego probably has over 100 unique neighborhoods, each with its own character and identified with its own signs. Some, such as Little Italy and East Village, are becoming well known for their exciting new restaurants with popular chefs, and their trendy shopping.
Little Italy neighborhood
The Bottega Americano restaurant in the
East Village neighborhood
Of course you can just drive there for the day, but staying overnight is like a real vacation – it’s much more relaxing and allows you to enjoy various areas late at night and early in the morning. We especially enjoyed the Porto Vista Hotel and walking around the nearby Little Italy area. The restaurants there are amazing, the shopping is interesting, and it’s an easy 10-minute walk to San Diego Bay. We’ll go back again.
View of San Diego Bay from the Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy
Little Italy shopping
Little Italy at sunset
The Sunday 9 am-2 pm farmer’s market in the Hillcrest neighborhood is probably the most wonderful outdoor market we’ve ever seen. It’s 6 blocks long with about 175 vendors, and potential new vendors on a one-year-long waiting list. There is a large section with unique “street food” that we greatly enjoyed, produce from many local farmers, and a large number of arts-and-crafts vendors.
The Hillcrest Farmer's Market
Street food at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market
The Mission Beach neighborhood has almost two miles (3 km) of oceanfront boardwalk. And Ocean Beach is a beachfront neighborhood well known among San Diego residents for its laid-back atmosphere of vintage Southern California.
in the Mission Beach neighborhood
in the
Ocean Beach neighborhood