San Diego Lighthouse Adventures

The Cabrillo National Monument and Lighthouse at Point Loma is one of our favorite places in San Diego. The views of San Diego and San Diego Bay from here are spectacular, and this was the first place where the Spanish arrived on the U.S. West Coast, sailing from Mexico in 1542.
The view of San Diego Bay from Cabrillo National Monument
There is a great lighthouse here where you can go inside, climb to the top, and see interesting exhibits about how a family lived inside the lighthouse and took care of the light at night. Next to the lighthouse, there is an interesting exhibit about how the light in a lighthouse works. And there are pleasant walking paths along the shore.
The Point Loma Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument
Views of the constant boat traffic between the ocean and San Diego Bay
Enjoying being above San Diego Bay
San Diego and Yokohama (Japan) are sister cities. A “Friendship Bell” on the tip of Shelter Island celebrates this relationship. It is very close to Cabrillo National Monument and the lighthouse. The bell was presented to San Diego by the citizens of Yokohama in May 1958. It was part of the Centennial Celebration of formal relations between Japan and the United States — the first such relationship on the West Coast.
The San Diego-Yokohama Friendship Bell on nearby Shelter Island
We always stop at the pleasant Spanish Landing Park when we are in San Diego. It’s just across the highway from the San Diego Airport, and close to Cabrillo National Monument and the lighthouse. It is near the place where two expeditions from Spanish Mexico met in 1769 while pursuing the European settlement of California.
Enjoying Spanish Landing Park
Walking along the Bay at Spanish Landing Park