Enjoying La Jolla's Ocean Setting

La Jolla, in the northern portion of San Diego, is a delightful small town with interesting shops and some high-quality restaurants -- it's one of the nicest areas in Southern California. The coastline at La Jolla is spectacular, and it's an easy walk from downtown to the parks along the ocean.
Enjoying the surf on the La Jolla coast
Having too much surf fun?
The village is on a small hill. Scripps Park is down the hill below the village, along the coast. It’s wonderful to walk all through Scripps Park, where you can see seals in the water and have beautiful views of the coast.

It’s usually not possible to park at Scripps Park, so you usually have to park in La Jolla Village and walk the short distance down the hill to Scripps Park.
La Jolla is well known for its abundant seal population along the shore
Seabirds watching snoozing seals
Looking for whales and other sea life in Scripps Park
Picnicing and other family activities are popular in Scripps Park, and kayaking is popular in the cove around La Jolla.
Enjoying Scripps Park
Kayaks in the La Jolla Cove by Scripps Park
Watching the kayaks
George's is a highlight of downtown La Jolla, with a spectacular view of the ocean from their outdoor rooftop restaurant and really good food that’s not too expensive for lunch. It's one of many people's favorite southern California restaurants.
The wonderful lunchtime setting on the roof of George's Restaurant
Mount Soledad is very close to La Jolla Village, and it’s a 10-minute drive from downtown to Soledad Park at the top. From the Park there is a great view over the ocean and much of San Diego County.
Looking at the coast from Soledad Park at the top of Mount Soledad
Part of the city view from Soledad Park