Koala Alert

Something obviously got this guy's attention … Now we wonder who was standing next to us!

When he is not distracted, he focuses on eating the eucalyptus leaves that he is clutching. Even though this sounds like a boring diet, there are different leaf flavors from dozens of varieties of eucalyptus trees that koalas enjoy. Since there is not a lot of nourishment in a eucalyptus leaf, koalas compensate by sleeping up to 20 hours every day and moving very slowly the rest of the time. Based on this one's expression, however, he won't be sleeping any time soon.

We often call them "koala bears" because they resemble the stuffed bears many people had as children. But koalas belong to the family of marsupials, a group of pouched animals that includes kangaroos and possums. The San Diego Zoo has the largest collection of koalas outside Australia, so it is not difficult to see one there that is awake.