Returning To San Diego's Little Italy

We keep returning to San Diego’s Little Italy because it’s a small and friendly neighborhood. The Porto Vista Hotel there keeps offering discounts, and has nice views of San Diego Bay from its top-floor restaurant.
Looking at
San Diego Bay from the Porto Vista Hotel
A sunset view of
San Diego Bay from the hotel
We always enjoy Little Italy’s Monello – it’s related to San Diego’s number-1 Italian restaurant next door but has more reasonable prices. Monello’s weekend brunch offered this wonderful “Piadina,” a traditional thin Italian flatbread originating in Italy’s Romagna region the late 1300s. Here it was stuffed with eggs, smoked bacon, fontina cheese, and fresh tomato arrabbiata sauce. The picture also shows their famous vermouth, homemade with 27 different herbs, spices, and barks.
Piadina and homemade vermouth at Monello restaurant
Near Little Italy, we visited the impressive Maritime Museum of San Diego for the first time. We had often seen Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship from 1863, but never realized it was one of the 9 ships and 2 submarines you can tour in the Museum. You can climb through a 1967 submarine that the U.S. purchased from Russia, but the circular doorways between compartments are pretty small for us tall people!
Maritime Museum:
Star of India sailing ship (1863)
Russian submarine at the Maritime Museum:
difficult doorways
Lots of controls in the Russian submarine
A discount offer encouraged us to try Amarin Thai, San Diego’s number-1 Thai restaurant not too far from Little Italy. The large menu had many unusual items, and Anne was pleased to find pumpkin curry with chicken – her favorite Thai dish. And an interesting spicy mixed seafood dish included “fingerroot and young peppercorns.”
Pumpkin curry at Amarin Thai restaurant
Mixed seafood at Amarin Thai restaurant