Giraffe Gawking

We enjoy the unique openness of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, watching herds of compatible animals roam over huge areas that are as much as possible like their native habitats. The highlight of many of our visits is this 10 a.m. giraffe feeding in the park's "Heart of Africa" section. Giraffes prefer acacia leaves but are afraid to bend down to the ground to eat, so the staff hangs the branches like the one you can see here from tall poles. Visitors can hand feed the giraffes, so some of these guys are on the lookout for people who might have food for them.

The giraffes stood around like this for the 20 minutes we were there, providing plenty of photo opportunities. We took 39 pictures that at first seemed largely similar, but in reviewing them we easily eliminated all but 10 favorites. Then we spent a lot of time and discussion selecting this one scene from nine others much like it.

Long ago when we all used film cameras, 39 pictures might have spanned an entire vacation. Digital cameras now make it possible to take that many pictures in just a few minutes without any concern about expense. This is such a different photography style that most people do not quickly adapt to it after they stop using film. Many digital camera users continue their old ways and take just a few pictures very selectively, thereby missing one of the biggest benefits of the new technology.