The San Diego Coffee Fairy

According to Forbes Magazine, the North Park area in San Diego is now one of America’s “Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.” So, we thought it was important to visit. We like to be “hip”!

One important characteristic of a “hip” area is a large number of neighborhood coffee shops. Caffé Calabria (at 30th Street and University Avenue) is an Italian coffee shop that has been roasting their own coffee there for 15 years. It’s certainly the best coffee shop in the North Park neighborhood, so we had to try it.

We immediately encountered the delightful clerk in this picture who called herself “The Coffee Fairy.” She looked a little strange, but she was wonderfully sweet and nice. She was happy to let us take her picture, and it’s our favorite picture from the trip. We think this really captures the spirit of the North Park neighborhood …
Coffee Fairy at
Caffé Calabria
Caffé Viennese is their most popular coffee drink. It’s espresso with honey, steamed milk, and cinnamon. The Caprese sandwich was also very nice. It has fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with tomato, pesto, and fresh basil.

At night they use an old-fashioned pizza oven to prepare a variety of traditional Italian-style pizzas.
Caprese sandwich:
fresh mozzarella cheese and pesto