Unique Southern California July 4 Celebrations

The Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade has been held every year since 1904, and is the largest 4th of July Parade west of the Mississippi. It was certainly a wonderful and fun event during the year we went; everything was red, white, and blue, honoring the colors of the U.S. flag.
Parade colors
Bikes in the parade
Scouts carrying the U.S. flag in the parade
A typical parade float
We learned that the Japanese city of Anjo (in the Aichi prefecture, in the center of Japan's main island) is the Sister City of Huntington Beach. We have good friends in Yokohama, Japan, and when we visited there we learned that Yokohama is the sister city of San Diego, California.
On the top: Japanese residents riding in Anjo's float

On the bottom: explaining Anjo's "Sister City" relationship with Huntington Beach
On the way home from the Huntington Beach parade we stopped at Balboa Island, where there were many festive July 4 decorations.
Celebrating July 4 on Balboa Island