A Boat and Breakfast Adventure

You probably know what a “bed and breakfast” is – usually a bedroom to rent in someone’s private house with a nice breakfast in the morning. We had always wanted to try a “boat and breakfast,” and we had the opportunity when we saw a discount offer for about 50% off the usual $250 price for private yachts at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. Even with the discount it seemed like it might be a silly idea, but it turned out to be an unusual and great time that we both enjoyed a lot.
Our boat
By our front door
Our yacht had a full kitchen with an eating area, a separate sitting room with a large TV and DVD player, a pretty large bedroom with queen bed, and two full bathrooms. It didn’t go anywhere because it was tied to the dock, but being on a small boat all night and day with the sounds of water and seabirds all around is a unique experience. In the morning staff brought breakfast that was fine but not great – some fruit, yoghurt, nice bakery products, and orange juice.
Eating area in the kitchen
The outdoor deck areas
Some of the boats have sleeping for up to 6 people. Two people seemed like plenty in ours, but if we ever did it again we would invite lots of friends to come in the late afternoon or evening to have wine and snacks with us. There are boat and breakfast opportunities in most harbors, but this one is next to the Long Beach Aquarium with the Queen Mary cruise ship in the background.
All the boats, with the Queen Mary in the background on the left