True Food Kitchen in Fashion Island

The motto of the True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach's Fashion Island is “Honest food that tastes really good.” This is a kale and quinoa sort of restaurant, but the food is genuinely good.
The outdoor patio at the True Food Kitchen
We shared the Roasted Beet & Mozzarella Salad with pistachios and arugula, and the Kale Salad with lemon juice and Parmesan cheese. And we both had the Grilled Steelhead Salmon on quinoa (a grain-like crop from South America) with more local beets and greens. It was all remarkably good and satisfying.
Roasted Beet & Mozzarella Salad
and the
Kale Salad
Steelhead Salmon on Quinoa
As a bonus, we walked outside to the patio at the back of Fashion Island just in time to catch this sunset. The white star-like dot in the sky is a jet on approach to the Orange County Airport, arriving from the unusual over-the-ocean direction because the winds tonight are blowing from the desert.
Pacific sunset
We looked in the Newport Colony Company shop at Fashion Island and saw this shaggy dog that Anne wanted immediately. It was made in the Philippines. I was pretty interested myself until I saw the $169 price …
Shaggy Dog made in the Philippines