Lido Peninsula Adventures

We had lived in Orange County for much of our lives but never knew where the Lido Peninsula was. We knew Lido Island, and we knew the Balboa Peninsula, and it turns out that between those two is a tiny strip of land called the Lido Peninsula.

We had a great weekend brunch adventure there at Sabatino’s restaurant, which claims to be famous for their unique sausage started by the Sabatino family in Sicily in 1864, blended with a special goat milk cheese from Sicily.
Sabatino’s restaurant
Sabatino’s serves a large brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. All the brunch items include their buffet, which has cinnamon rolls and fruit plus their “famous” sausage in cream sauce to put on baguette slices. Though we rarely eat sausage, and almost never eat cream sauces, we both agreed that their special sausage in cream sauce was really good !!
The buffet
Sausage in Cream Sauce
The buffet by itself is quite inexpensive, but various other dishes such as their Italian sausage and eggs plus the buffet were only a dollar or two more, so that’s what we had. It was all surprisingly good, and the sausage is remarkable! Eating on their outdoor covered patio was very pleasant.
Sausage and Eggs
Afterwards, you can leave your car at Sabatino’s and spend a pleasant 30 minutes walking around the few short streets in the private Lido Peninsula residential area. The housing there is all tiny manufactured homes (actually more like cottages) that are surprisingly cute. It’s fun to peek in through the windows and imagine what it would be like to live there.

Some people live there permanently, but most of the houses belong to people who want second homes in a beach area. It’s a charming part of Orange County you would otherwise never see if you didn’t park at the restaurant and walk, because driving and parking there is restricted to residents.
Lido Peninsula cottages