Sunday Brunch at the Ho Sum Bistro

Ho Sum Bistro in Newport Beach is located near the beginning of the Balboa Peninsula, on Newport Boulevard at 32nd Street. Their unique Sunday brunch begins with a choice of soups and a choice of salads.
California Chicken Broth Soup and
Combo Chicken Salad
Brunch includes very appealing fried rice, and many plates with different kinds of dumplings and spring rolls. You can have more of anything you want, but for us it was challenging to finish what they served initially.
Assorted Dim Sum
California-Oriental Rice
Ho Sum Bistro
This is California-Asian style food. Their famous Ho Sum Chicken Salad (roasted and shredded chicken breast, with lettuce and red ginger dressing) is so popular that many customers eat huge bowls of the salad and nothing else. Some of the dumplings have untraditional accompaniments such as spicy cilantro sauce or cinnamon sauce.
Vegetable Fried Rice
There is an extensive menu of $6 to $9 chicken, shrimp, and noodle dishes if you don’t want the special brunch or you go on a day other than Sunday.