A Remarkable Palm Springs Restaurant
and Happy Hour

We felt like we must have been among the last people in the world to learn about Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs, since it has over 2400 reviews on TripAdvisor and almost 1500 reviews on Yelp.

Trio is one of the top-rated Palm Springs restaurants, and has the #2 rating there among “best Happy Hours.” They advertise “traditional Midwest comfort food with a California contemporary edge.”

The regular dinner menu is probably fine since the reviews are so good, but it seems expensive. Instead, look at the $20 “3-Course Prix Fixe” menu (11am to 6pm every day) and the $4-$10 “Bar Bites” menu (Happy Hour: 11am to 7 pm every day). Both menus have many choices that are very substantial (i.e. large, and/or lots of meat). Happy Hour drinks are generous and cheap – including the large $5 Margaritas that many people were ordering.

These first three items are selections we made from the 30 items on the $20 “3-Course Prix Fixe” menu:
Roasted Baby Beet Salad ($6 on the Happy Hour

Mixed Greens with Pecans, Blue Cheese, Citrus Sections, Balsamic Vinaigrette
Harris Ranch Natural USDA Skirt Steak: 

Sweet Chili Soy Marinated with Chimichurri Sauce
Trio Bread Pudding
The remaining pictures are Happy Hour items we had from the “Bar Bites” menu:
Macaroni and 5 Cheeses ($5):

Gouda, cheddar,‏ blue, Romano and goat cheeses with bacon, green onion, tomatoes, bread crumbs
Sliders (2 for $7):

BBQ Pulled Pork with coleslaw and hickory orange BBQ sauce;
Pot Roast with horseradish sauce
Tacos (3 for $10):

Roasted Pork;
Fish with cabbage and aioli;
Beef with onions, cilantro, and house-made salsa
We went there twice because it was so good.