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About Us

We have always enjoyed traveling. Sometimes just traveling for its own sake is enough — the destination is not always the most important consideration for us.

Jack's career in global marketing has allowed us to take many trips together over the past years to attend trade shows and sales meetings throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Europe. In addition, Anne has a long sales and marketing background in the travel and hospitality industries.

Travel Reflections is a collaborative effort. Jack does the writing, the Web site development, and a lot of the photography. Anne provides inspiration, takes some of the pictures, and edits all the final material.

There are plenty of good photographers and many good writers. However, there are few photographers who write well, and few writers who have a good eye for photography. We think much of the uniqueness of Travel Reflections comes from the combination of these skills plus a genuine interest in sharing travel experiences.


You can reach us by e-mail at:

Anne and Jack Landau