Travel Reflections
Unique photography and observations about interesting
destinations for people who enjoy reading about travel and food.

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About Travel Reflections

Travel Reflections evolved to entertain and enlighten people who enjoy spending a few minutes looking at travel photography and learning something interesting about the destinations that the pictures illustrate.

Travel Reflections is a unique combination of photography and travel essays. It is different than a collection of artistic photos or a "how to" reference about traveling:

  • There are many collections of beautiful and exotic travel pictures, but they typically show places that most of us can never hope to visit or scenes that we can never realistically expect to see. These kinds of pictures are usually presented without much explanation, to be enjoyed solely as art.
  • Bookstores and Web sites are full of travel guides that have extensive advice and information about popular destinations. These are valuable as references, but people generally don't glance through them for pleasure or diversion. They either do not have pictures, or the pictures are clearly secondary.

  • There are many good travel books and other such narratives — both fiction and non-fiction — but these require considerable time to read and have few, if any, pictures.

In contrast, Travel Reflections is about destinations that people can realistically visit, scenes they can expect to see, and food they may encounter there. Each picture is presented with a short story in a format that can be enjoyed in a minute or two. It is not necessarily for people who plan to travel and need reference information, but for all those who enjoy spending a few moments reflecting about travel.

Other Objectives

God has obviously blessed us with enthusiasm and opportunities for travel, plus abilities for writing and photography. Travel Reflections is an important way to share these blessings so that others can have some benefit.

Travel Reflections is a vehicle to illustrate what we enjoy doing -- photographing and writing in this style to describe travel destinations such as towns, hotels, and restaurants. Most destinations have Web sites or other promotional materials already, but the pictures or the accompanying writing are often uninspiring.. We have selected just a few pictures and stories from each geographical area, taking care to include some that describe food and restaurants.