Travel Reflections
Unique photography and observations about interesting
destinations for people who enjoy reading about travel and food.

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About the Photography

We selected the pictures in Travel Reflections from over 50,000 pictures we have taken since December, 1997. They are not necessarily the best pictures from an artistic perspective, but they are the ones that illustrate some of the most interesting and enjoyable insights about these destinations.

This material began as a way of sharing our enthusiasm about travel with a few friends via e-mail in early 1998. The advent of digital photography made it much easier to share information about trips and provided a motivation for travel writing.

Our friends told other friends how much they enjoyed these pictures and stories, and the mailing list got longer. Many people encouraged us to make a collection of this work, and Travel Reflections is the first step.

Recent pictures in Travel Reflections were taken with a Canon G12 digital camera (10 megapixel). Older pictures are from Canon A620 (7.1 megapixel), Pentax Optio 550 (5 megapixel), Kodak DC4800, and Kodak DC210 digital cameras.